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About Our Electrical Contractors
Located in Eau Claire and Hudson, Wisconsin

Humble Beginnings

In order to understand B&B Electric Inc. as a company it is important to know how and where we got started. Our commercial electrician business began its successful history in 1983 on the 2nd floor of an old farmhouse in New Auburn, WI. The entire company consisted of two owners and one employee whom all shared one blue van. Within six months, we expanded to six employees and purchased equipment from another electric company to accommodate the growth.


Steady Growth

Just one year after its inception, B&B Electric became incorporated, and a year later moved from New Auburn to the Montgomery building in Chippewa Falls, WI. As the company continued to grow, more space was again needed, so the CR Stocks building located at 1303 Western Ave. in Eau Claire was acquired. When our electricians first moved to the Eau Claire location, we employed 35 employees.


Continuous Improvement

Today we employ more than 150 people, a number that surpassed 220 in 2014. We realize it takes more than buildings and equipment to make a successful company. For this reason, all of our electrician's must complete a five year electrical apprenticeship and state certification programs. Additionally, our focus on service runs through the entire staff from top to bottom, which may be the reason why the average employee has been with us for 13 years. No matter how many employees we have, our focus is on providing top-quality electrical craftsmanship with unmatched customer service.