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Medium Voltage Utilities Systems
Throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota

Trust in our years of commercial electrical experience to ensure the delivery of electricity goes smoothly. The use of medium voltage utilities have been on the increase from residential, commercial, industrial, public works, and a variety of specialty industries.

Medium voltage utilities are part of a network of power lines containing less than 50kV of power, substations and transformers, along with low-voltage wiring and meters. Part of the electrical distribution network, medium voltage utilities carry electricity from the main transmission system to the end user. Medium voltage utilities can be located above or below ground depending on project specifications. They are categorized as follows:


  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Utility Equipment
  • Conductors/Cables


During the pre-construction stage, our electricians provide an evaluation of the medium voltage utility and its feasibility with the electrical designs is taken into consideration. The database we draw upon and our ability to see the entire project scope allow us to either modify or design the correct medium voltage utility.