Food Manufacturing Facility

A food manufacturing facility in West Central Wisconsin had the goal of improve their cooking process and material handling systems. Over a course of 11 months, demolition, new LED lighting, and various power distribution systems were completed. Along with budget and timeline, this project was dictated by new and more strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

Objective and Results

The biggest game changer for this manufacturer was the installation of a hydrostatic cooking system that is believed to be the largest on the continent. It will have the capacity to run a majority of the can sizes produced in the facility, handle sensitive products that requires a very still process, facilitate product runs that require different sterilization times and temperatures, and properly cool products that may have significantly different thermal properties. The $53 million project included expanding the building and utility systems to support the cooker.

sq ft remodel and line installation

months of construction

new 3,000 amp services


Designed with Confidence

B&B Electric’s experience in food manufacturing electrical construction paired with the most up to date design capabilities provided all involved with the confidence to pursue this extensive project. Installation of cable tray systems were installed to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication.


Room for Growth and Modernization

The additional footage and relocation of equipment, paired with the installation the hydrostatic cooking system (which is a vertical, and has a smaller footprint than other cooking options), leaves mores space available for flexibility for additional manufacturing capabilities in the future. The hydrostatic cookers are also very energy efficient, which can help reduce this customer’s manufacturing costs. This customer saw increased cooking and energy efficiency, and can look forward to growth in the future with more space to utilize.

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